Dream Desktop


The desktop acts as a window to all of the services. It provides a way to see what is meaningful for the user at that given time. The user controls what is shown on the desktop.

The user can collect links to all important websites and services to the desktop and then use it to move between them. And the desktop can be set as a start page in the browser.

In addition to simple links the desktop also collects information from other systems and provides it to the user in a coherent and easy way to absorb.

These infoscreens can be implemented in various ways depending on the requirements of the services. They can be push type where the desktop receives data and views the data in controlled and coherent way to the user.


The sidebar has all the controls for the desktop. From there user can add her own links and select which widgets are selected for the desktop.

When user belongs to organisation she gets access to services automatically and those services are listed in the sidebar.